Managed Print Services for SMBs: Reducing Hidden Costs 


Small business owners typically have a lower profit margin compared to their overhead expenses than larger businesses do.  This is how Gastonia based Pharr Technologies can use their Managed Print Services offering to reduce some of those expenses.  When a printer isn't working effectively in a small business environment, one of the owners, managers or employees must spend time on the phone with an IT specialist trying to troubleshoot the cause of the printer or copier malfunction; as well as find a solution to get it up and running again. When this person is tied up for a long period of time, the business loses the money that would have been made during that time period.

What is Managed Printing Services?

Pharr Technologies Managed Print Service (MPS) will monitor your printers and copiers actively from a remote location. We can often predict where problems may occur and prevent it from happening. Pharr Technologies expert support staff will work with your business to implement plans to identify excessive spending in printers, copiers, and supplies, and to increase productivity by setting up a plan for which type of documents go to which printers in your organization.

Managed printing service providers will also make sure you always have the right amount of ink and paper supplies on hand, which means you will no longer have a closet full of supplies that are never used or run out of the paper you need in the middle of a printing project.


Advantages of Managed Printing Services

In addition to the financial savings gained by small business owners utilizing Pharr Technologies’ MPS, there are additional advantages of convenience and control. As a small business owner, your time is spent operating and managing the daily activities of your business – there is a good chance that you are unaware how much time and money is wasted on printer or copier related activities. Activities like troubleshooting printers that aren't working properly; using double the amount of paper necessary because you haven't learned to use the “print on both sides” option of the printers; and the time spent ordering and processing purchase orders and invoices for toner and paper supplies.

If you upgrade to more efficient and productive printers and copiers, you can also factor in energy efficiency costs of the newer equipment compared to your current, older equipment, and see the cost savings skyrocket.

When Pharr Technologies MPS is handling your printing and copying needs, you won't lose one of your key employees (or yourself!) hours on the phone trying to troubleshoot problems – this is most likely your biggest area of savings in both financial resources and time.

The convenience associated with having an expert handling your business printer and copier needs also means no one on your staff needs to worry about ordering supplies. If there are equipment problems or malfunctions, an expert will fix them for you because it is the responsibility of a managed print services provider.

The end result will be an efficient office when you cut expenses on paper, ink or toner, lower your electricity use and improve employee productivity.


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