Phones and VOIP

What’s VoIP? VoIP, or Voice-over-IP (Internet-Protocol), is a better and more cost-effective way for businesses to communicate. Using high-speed Internet connections to make and receive phone calls, these business phone systems offer features unavailable with traditional phones – and can potentially save you thousands on long-distance and overseas calls. Pharr Technologies will work with your business to review your current usage, explore options and offer a VoIP business phone systems plan to lower the total cost of ownership your existing system.

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  • Cloud Computing Services
    With an Internet-based foundation, Pharr Technologies’ cloud computing provides your business with a simple, flexible and affordable IT infrastructure – complete with technical support – in one monthly program. Our service includes all the hardware, software, and data security you need to keep your company running safely and efficiently.
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  • Features
    Our cloud computing solutions feature:
    • Built-in data backup and recovery
    • Secure data storage using advanced technology
    • A centralized management console
    • An intuitive web interface with built-in workflows
    • Auto data and software backups every 15 minutes
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  • High Performance
    Our cloud computing services offer benefits such as server virtualization, automatic data backup, and high-level accessibility at prices your small business can afford. Contact Pharr Technologies today to learn more about the advantages of cloud computing services for your business.
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