Unified Communications

In today’s business world, reliable and fast communications are critical. By implementing a unified communications strategy, you’ll ensure your organization can handle both internal and external communications at a moment’s notice.

When telephone, email, text messaging, video conferencing and other communication channels are separate, discrete functions – your ability to communicate with both employees and consumers are at risk, productivity is lowered, and customer service is impacted.

Network Solutions

Pharr Technologies provide wide variety of networking solutions. Our products give you the capabilities to have an efficient designed and implemented infrastructure to keep your organization operating securely and smoothly. Whether you have basic to advanced network routing requirements we have copper, fiber and wireless solutions to meet your needs.

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E-Rate Service Provider

Pharr Technologies provides the infrastructure to connect your organization to today’s fast paced world. Our hardware and installation services focus on enhancing both the instructor’s teaching and student’s learning experience.

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