Data Protection

Do You Have a Data Protection Plan that Protects your Vital Data? Our data protection solutions provide:

Access to your backup files through our dedicated servers

Automatic and ongoing secure data backup

A monthly plan, saving you money and major upfront expenses

Secure backup copies of your IT infrastructure in our redundant offsite data centers, safe from natural disasters and unauthorized access

A clone copy of your data which can be used for data recovery within minutes in the event of an emergency

It’s not enough to have data recovery files at your facility – if your office was damaged or destroyed, your data backup files would be lost as well. With a copy securely off-site, your business can still access information even if your physical location is completely destroyed. While this scenario might not be likely, there are plenty of other threats to the security of your information, such as hackers and system crashes, which could cause your productivity to come to a halt. Don’t risk it – get proper data protection for your business or school.

Without access to critical data, would your business still be able in close contact with customers and vendors and continue to operate your business? What impact would this have on your school or company and its daily operations? Do you really want to take the risk of finding out the hard way?

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